Who gives a sh*te that we have been around since 1991, its our thinking thats from 2050 is all that counts.

We are not your vendor or your supplier we are your partner.

We serve you the pie in the sky.

We get high on success.

Beating around the bush we leave that for the others.

Allow Us.

Our founders took the saying “Jack of all trade, master on none” and challenged this. Why can't you not be a “Jack of all trade, master of all?”.

The reality is, businesses spend more time managing outsourced services then focusing on the needs of business, mostly delivered by multiple companies with no holistic overview on the challenges in hand.

With this simple problem in mind, our founders gave birth to a smart, talent driven organisation delivering comprehensive services to partners worldwide in a singular relationship.

With the delivery eco-system at TCIG we strategise not for the sake of strategy but tangible, deliverable solutions to common day business problems and needs. Multiple relationships under one hood. This is the key to the success of our diverse organisation.

No nonsense multi-faceted creatives, strategists and solutionists serving like-minded partners worldwide, might we add since 1991.

Tough times never last but solid businesses with clear positions do!

With the dawn of a new era at TCIG and generally the changing global business landscape, we have redefined a clear vision and business position to steer our diverse Group into a currently relevant and more focussed direction. In addition to our core service offering:

- Marketing and Communications
- Tech Solutions
- Business Strategy
- Contact Centre Services

We have introduced three new business verticals:

- Travesys, a modern age Travel Platform
- Loyesys, a Loyalty Platform and Fulfilment Service
- Hydur, a Functional Luxury and Bespoke Clothing Brand for todays transient lifestyle.

All backed by a talent base of hundreds of experts and enthusiasts with years of experience.

Our work ethic is founded on connecting the dots, hence with our new logo we make a clear visual statement of this by the inclusion of a visible element of crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s within our logo.

Let our numbers do the talking

Projects delivered


Years of success


Hours spent coding


Partners Served

Our services, products & brands


Tech for today’s users driven by business and not by techies!

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We don’t just create, we curate brands and cross channel campaigns!

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Business Consulting

Consultants that sit on the fence is simply not us. We like to be known as Strategists!

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Contact Centre

Customer service as much as you may think it is process driven it is actually driven by the customer!

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Loyalty Platform & Fulfilment Services

Satisfaction is simply a rating; Loyalty is a brand!

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Functional Luxury Clothing Brand

Your style is your Mood!

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Let's get down to some business.